Stay Smart Workbook - 188 Advanced Sentence Diagramming Exercises

(This student workbook does not contain the answer key and is to be used in conjunction with the Stay Smart Answer Key.) Did you know that many students today aren’t taught grammar? It’s true. That was my experience through high school, and it lead me to feel self-conscious about my writing and speaking for a very long time. Things changed for me when I entered one of my English classes in college. I was lucky enough to have a fabulous professor who taught me grammar and sentence diagramming. Finally, everything made sense, and it felt great! I assume that since you’re looking at this book, you were also lucky enough to have a fabulous teacher teach the same things to you. You know how important grammar is to a person’s thought process, and you’ve seen the positive effects that grammar and diagramming have had on your writing and your confidence. As with most things in life, it’s easy to forget what we’ve learned if we’re not putting it into practice every day. That’s why I wrote this book of sentence diagramming exercises. The material in this book will enable you to remember and review all of the information you’ve already learned. This book will help you continue to be a knowledgeable student who’s ready to take on the world! Enjoy these sentence diagrams!

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