Longman Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS New Edition

Sách giúp tự học rất tốt. Các bài luyện tập luôn kèm theo hướng dẫn một cách rõ ràng nên rất có ích cho việc tự học IELTS ở nhà.

New Critical Thinking and Reflective Learning training helps students become more analytical and therefore more effective as learners. New Academic Vocabulary sections systematically build up students’ knowledge of the all-important Academic Word List. New Academic Style sections focus on key aspects of academic English, and develop students’ ability to achieve the appropriate formal style. The Key Language Bank provides a reference tool and extra practice activities to help students build their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar.

Tải trọn bộ đầy đủ bao gồm bài nghe Audio CD dưới đây.

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