Language Fundamentals (Grade 6)

Language Fundamentals, Grade 6 is a comprehensive resource for grade-level grammar, mechanics, usage, and vocabulary practice. The broad scope of language skills and the range in difficulty of the activity pages enable you to precisely target those skills that each student needs to practice.
Skills practiced include the following:
– Grammar Skills: common, proper, possessive nouns; types of pronouns; prepositional phrases; present, past, future, & present progressive tense verbs; subject-verb agreement
– Sentence Skills: declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, imperative sentences; compound sentences; complex sentences; run-on sentences
– Mechanics Skills: capitalization, abbreviations, commas and quotation marks in dialogue, end marks
– Usage: double negatives, subject or object pronouns, frequently confused words
– Vocabulary: base words, prefixes, suffixes, Greek and Latin root words, synonyms, antonyms
– Paragraph Editing: After practicing a skill, use the corresponding pages in this section for application to student writing. Students edit and correct paragraphs with common errors they would make.

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