Key Business Skills – Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations, Networking (Barry Tomalin)

Đầy đủ các kỹ năng ngôn ngữ cơ bản trong kinh doanh như thuyết trình, họp, đàm phán, xây dựng mạng lưới quan hệ.

It provides activities to develop key skills needed by executives, such as dealing with difficult questions in presentations, intervening successfully in conference calls and meetings, recognizing the signals in a negotiation in English and networking without causing offence. The 24 units include language and vocabulary practice, as well as cultural tips for interacting with colleagues and clients, to ensure you avoid embarrassment and to help enhance your business relationships.
• All the fundamental skills needed for business in one book
• Focuses on business skills and advice plus English language support
• Audio CD features native-speaker models to help you improve pronunciation
• Includes key vocabulary for each skill
• Provides essential cultural awareness tips for working in international businesses
• Suitable for self-study or can be used in the classroom with students of Business English
• For CEF level B1–C1 (Intermediate–Advanced)

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