Grammar Activities 2 – Upper Intermediate

Grammar Activities 2 is for students at an upper-intermediate level including those just preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate examination. It is intended as a coursebook supplement. It provides presentation and consolidation, using a variety of contexts and approaches, of grammatical areas which cause learners problems at this level. It contains 75 free-standing worksheets arranged alphabetically by grammar point and five review worksheets. Where there are several worksheets that focus on the same grammatical area, they are ordered from simple to complex so they can be used independently or in sequence.
There are two main types of worksheet: contextualised worksheets and problem-solving worksheets. The contextualised worksheets provide a story, situation or game which gives the learners the opportunity to practise using the structure in an appropriate context. The problem-solving worksheets take a cognitive approach. They provide activities that help the learners arrive at a fuller understanding of the meanings, formation and rules of the use of the structure.

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