Grammar for Dummies: 1001 Practice Questions (A Wiley Brand)

Practice makes perfect – and helps deepen your understanding of English grammar.
Establishing good grammar habits will set you up for success. From English class to writing your college essay, from corporate communications, to updating your social media sites, good grammar is essential and now you have 1,001 ways to deepen your understanding and practice your skills.
– 1,001 Grammar Practice Problems For Dummies takes you beyond the instruction offered in a typical English grammar course and offers a hands-on understanding of grammar and its principles.
– Gives you a chance to practice and reinforce the skills you learn in a typical English grammar course
– Helps you refine your understanding of English grammar
– Practice problems range in difficulty and include detailed explanations and walk-throughs
– Whether you’re studying grammar at the high school level or just brushing up on your grammar skills,1,001 Grammar – Practice Questions For Dummies offers an on-the-go opportunity to succeed.

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