Exam Essentials Practice Test – IELTS 1 with Key

Đây là bộ đề IELTS số 1 của National Geographic và Cengage Learning, 2 tổ chức lớn đã có lịch sử khá dài tham gia vào xuất bản sách và chương trình giáo dục.

Exam Essentials Practice Tests 1 and 2: IELTS is our major British English exam preparation series combining exam preparation, practice, and tips. This effective combination of testing and teaching has proved a popular formula with teachers and students. All of the tests are written by experts in the field, which means that students experience authentic exam-like material that is at a level at least as high as the actual exams. A DVD-ROM containing video of a complete model speaking interview with useful tips from examiners and accompanying worksheets allows students and teachers to see exactly what the speaking test entails.

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