English Grammar II – Practice

The textbook “English Grammar” is intended for the junior students of the Daugavpils University. The aim of the book is to consolidate and develop students’ knowledge and skills in the use of English grammar forms and structures.
The book consists of two parts: “Morphology” and “Practice”.
Book II (part 1 and 2) includes various exercises meant for developing students’ skills in the use of the grammar forms and structures described in Book I. The exercises are focused on the comprehension of the form, meaning and use of the grammar structures through reflection on the forms, their transformation and selection.
Besides, each unit of Book II has translation exercises, necessary for the comparison of the corresponding English and students’ native grammar constructions.
It is also important to relate each grammar construction to various communicative situations in which it may occur. Thus there are special communicative exercises at the end of each unit.
At the end of each section there are revision exercises, aimed at both consolidating and testing the material that has been presented in earlier chapters.

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