English for Business: Pre-Intermediate Business Grammar & Practice (Collins)

Business Grammar & Practice: Pre-Intermediate Is for pre-intermediate to intermediate speakers of English who need to master the type of English used in professional situations. Whether you are studying to enter the workplace or already using English at work, accurate use of English grammar will make you a more effective communicator. If you feel you already know the core grammar for business English, the Intermediate book in this series will take you through more complex grammar. To ensure that the language you learn is relevant for the workplace, the book uses example sentences from the Collins corpus. This is a constantly updated database of English language from a range of print and spoken sources. You can therefore be sure that any example used is an authentic use of English in a business context. Business Grammar & Practice: Pre-Intermediate Can be used together with any business English course book to provide more detailed explanations and supplementary exercises in the grammar of business English. It is suitable for both classroom and self-study use.

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