Elements of Language: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Language skill Practice for chapters 1 - 16 (fourth course)

This workbook is designed to supplement the Language Skills Practice workbook by providing additional instruction and practice to students who have not yet mastered the rules and topics. The worksheets in this workbook provide additional instruction, practice, and reinforcement for Language Skills Practice.
– Notes provide students with pertinent information related to the rule or topic covered on a given worksheet.
– Reminders review grammatical terms and concepts that were covered on previous worksheets.
– Tips provide students with tangible aids for understanding abstract concepts. These tips include mnemonic devices, identification tests, and recognition strategies.
– Points of Instruction explain how the rule or topic applies to the instructional and exercise examples provided.
– Guided Practice helps students with the first one or two items of each exercise by asking questions that guide students to the correct answer.

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